Research and Policy Partnerships

The research conducted in my group is closely linked with policies and actions taken in various communities, connecting science and action, and making research more exciting and high impact while co-developing products that are richer from the partnerships.

Research Networks

The networks my research group work with include:

  • Research Coordination Network on Sustainable Infrastructure in Cities
  • Sustainable Healthy Cities Network
  • International Resources Panel

Policy Partnerships

Multi-City Organizations

My research group works actively with several multi-city organizations, allowing our research to be connected to a larger number of cities. These organizations include ICLEI USA, ICLEI South Asia, National League of Cities, and International City Managers Association.

Individual Cities

Students and faculty are working actively with individual cities through various research projects. A few city partners and city products include the City of Bloomfield, Denver, Denver Climate Climate Action Plan, Minneapolis and St. Paul.