US Projects

This page describes projects of Professor Ramaswami's research network that are funded through the US National Science Foundation and are focused on sustainable infrastructure and cities.

Sustainable Healthy Cities Project

In this project, supported by the US National Science Foundation Sustainability Research Network Program, Ramaswami leads a network of 24 faculty who are exploring the question of developing healthy and livable cities through an interdisciplinary focus on physical infrastructure by incorporating infrastructure design, public attitude, and policy design.

The focus of this network is specifically on exploring if, when, and how distributed infrastructure contributes to advancing sustainability, health, and well-being in cities.

This network is a collaboration of 8 US Universities, Universities in India, and cities and industries collaborating together.

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Smart Infrastructure Planning for Sustainable and Inclusive Communities

This project draws upon researchers and concepts from urban mining, environemental engineering, computer science, and public policy to engage with k12 students, policy makers.

Our goal is to look at how we can make future cities environmentally sustainable, healthy, and inclusive by integrating new technologies with spacial understanding of processes and cities from an interdisciplinary perspective.

A multi-disciplinary team of researchers led by Anu Ramaswami and Shashi Shekhar collaborates together.

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Developing Low Carbon and Sustainable Cities in the US, India, and China

We explore how to develop low carbon, sustainable cities in the US, India, and China; supported by the US National Science Foundations on Partnerships in International Research and Education (PIRE).

This project focuses on strategies to achieve low carbon city goals that intersect with local sustainability and co-benefits; in particular, focusing on local health and resource impacts.

This network collaborates between universities in US, India, and China, along with city partners and policy organizations.

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Research Coordination Network on Sustainable Infrastructure in Cities

This project, which just ended in 2017, enables meetings, data sharing and research, among a network of faculty and practitioners.

These products relate to workshops and work products on various topics such as interdisciplinary careers for students, food waste workshop, understanding social science theories for city policy making, and many more.